Toddle in - float out
Jana Palm
Living Yoga Sydney

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Jana Palm

A Former Sceptic
I joined Jana's yoga classes as a sceptic, watching the clock and thinking of all the things that I had to do ...

Strength & Flexibility
Yoga helped my body become more strong and flexible, and also my mind...

Challenging and Relaxing
I look forward to yoga classes both for the challenge and the relaxation...

Space and Serenity
When I lie down on my yoga mat, the outside world with all its stress and pressure fades into space and serenity...

Toddle in, Float out
A totally invigorating and rejuvenating experience for a near three-score-years-and-tenner....

A Caring Environment
Jana is a very experienced Yoga teacher who connects well with people from all walks of life...

Personal Transformation
Yoga has had a transforming effect on my life...

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