Toddle in - float out

Due to COVID19  LIVING YOGA'S CLASSES ARE NOW online via ZOOM.           


Start Time








Friday        9:00am


Gentle Yoga *




 * Gentle Yoga is Restorative class for those who may find a regular yoga class too strong.. or if recovering from illness, surgery or injury. Or if very sore or stiff. We start seated on a chair and stand and lie down if possible.. but EVERYTHING, including relaxation at the end can be done in the chair. The focus is on Breathing, Strengthening, Stretching and Relaxing. 

           Term 1 is a 10 week term starting 29 January 2020 



1 class a week (or 10 classes*)


2 classes a week (20 classes*)


3 classes a week (30 classes*)


Casual classes


* All pre-paid classes may be used anytime within the term.

Classes start promptly at the times listed, please arrive early enough to leave yourself unstressed time to prepare for class.


The aim of classes is to connect with the inner Self through breath awareness, increasing strength and flexibility, release of stress mentally, emotionally and physically, improved health, and inner peace.



Classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes duration and consist of warming up the joints and muscles, with awareness of the breath, moving into yoga postures on the mat, sitting, standing and lying down, and finishing with Yoga Nidra, a special guided relaxation.

Gentle Yoga (on Friday 10:30) is 1 hr. We start sitting on a chair .. some standing if possible. Even relaxation (Yoga Nidra) can be done sitting or lying down. This class is restorative for those who may be recovering from surgery, injury or illness or who would find a regular yoga class too strong. We start slow .. breathe, stretch and strengthen and finish with a long guided relaxation. 

Skill Level

Classes are Beginners/General attended by women and men of varying ages and ability. Yoga is a very personal journey. You don't have to be fit or flexible to enjoy the benefits of yoga. And if you are fit, you will discover other benefits. All welcome!



Classes usually coincide with the NSW public school terms of 10 wks with some casual classes held in the 2 week break time. 

Meditation Class for new or experienced meditators. Please contact if interested  $12  (or $10 if attending yoga class).  Lengthen your telomere's. Learn how to manage stress, calm and clear your mind, and stay healthy .. practice in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.                    




A Former Sceptic
I joined Jana's yoga classes as a sceptic, watching the clock and thinking of all the things that I had to do ...

Strength & Flexibility
Yoga helped my body become more strong and flexible, and also my mind...

Challenging and Relaxing
I look forward to yoga classes both for the challenge and the relaxation...

Space and Serenity
When I lie down on my yoga mat, the outside world with all its stress and pressure fades into space and serenity...

Toddle in, Float out
A totally invigorating and rejuvenating experience for a near three-score-years-and-tenner....

A Caring Environment
Jana is a very experienced Yoga teacher who connects well with people from all walks of life...

Personal Transformation
Yoga has had a transforming effect on my life...

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